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January 8, 2014
Probiotic Bacteria and Microbiome
'Detox? Quite the Opposite', by Anjana Ahuja, The Daily Telegraph
A Boston biotechnology company has unveiled a "bacteria pill", designed to unleash a flood of live fecal microbes into a person’s body. read more

December 20, 2013
Study Confirms Narcolepsy as an Autoimmune Disease, by Catharine Paddock PhD
"A new study that offers some of the most compelling evidence to date for the idea of "mimicry," where the immune system attacks a body protein because of its similarity to a pathogen protein, confirms that narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease. " read more

December 18, 2013
Health and Exercise
In Life and Diets: Nothing is Perfect, by Judy Blatman, Senior Vice President, Communications, Council for Responsible Nutrition
"If only I lived in a perfect world, like, say, Dr. Edgar Miller, one of the five doctors who have determined from on high via their editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine, that no one needs to take a multivitamin." read more


ProBiotein™ - Has 4 prebiotic fibers - AXOS, XOS, MOS, FOS and Beta glucan

Frequently Asked Questions - Prebiotics

Prebiotics vs Probiotics?

The healthy, beneficial bacteria in your GI tract, number about 100 trillion. These probiotic bacteria help maintain your immune system and a healthy digestive system. To flourish, probiotic bacteria need "prebiotic" fibers, which are found in natural foods you eat, including grains, vegetables and fruits. ProBiotein provides concentrated amounts of prebiotics, that can help when your dietary levels of these fibers are insufficient.

What are Prebiotic fibers?

Prebiotic fibers are soluble food fibers. They absorb water along your GI tract, but are not digested in your stomach or small intestine. They make it to your large intestine where they are fermented and produce nourishment for your probiotic bacteria, plus important short-chain fatty acids. Quite simply, prebiotic fibers nourish your beneficial probiotic bacteria, and help keep you healthy.

What are AXOS, XOS, MOS, FOS and Beta-glucan?

The four prebiotic fibers found in ProBiotein all come from grains. AXOS is arabino-xylo oligosaccharide, XOS is xylo oligosaccharide, MOS is mannan oligosaccharide, FOS is fructo oligosaccharide, plus Beta-glucan. All of these fibers come from food, but are not digestible by the stomach or small intestine. They survive to reach the large intestine, where they're broken down through fermentation to feed your probiotic bacteria. The blend of four oligosaccharides nourishes your beneficial bacteria more than a single prebiotic fiber can.